Sales of vinyl records are increasingly profitable

The latest report published by the BBC shows that vinyl records are beginning to bring more and more money. Last week, their UK-based sales exceeded digital music sales.

Contrary to what one might think, vinyl records have not completely disappeared from the market and are still quite good. For some it may seem weird, but their sales are growing year by year, as the audience naturally prefers the sound of the music. Label companies have long recognized this trend, so they also release the latest albums of well-known artists on vinyl, so customers can listen to them in the format they like.

Great vinyl records are in the UK, where their sales are growing year by year. According to the latest -arts-38221420 report prepared by the Entertainment Retailers Association, last week’s sales of digital CDs exceeded digital music sales.

During this period, the vinyl records sales amounted to 2.4 million pounds, while the total digital music sales totaled 2.1 million pounds. This is a big difference compared to the same period last year, when digital music sales were £ 4.4m, while vinyls were £ 1.2m.

It looks like customers are increasingly eager to choose vinyl records, even though they cost a bit more than digital albums. The higher the price, of course, is that fewer copies are sold (120,000 vinyls compared to 295,000 digital album downloads). But if you compare revenue, then this slightly outdated format, goes out to lead.

It is possible that this trend will deepen. One company has developed a completely new vinyl production process which is cheaper and offers 30 percent better quality music. They also sell turntables, which you can get even in grocery stores for the price of a mid-range MP3 player.…